Dear collegues

Zdjecie-Katarzyna-Pisarska-781x1024On behalf of the European Academy of Diplomacy and our partner, the National School of Public Administration, it is my pleasure to be welcoming you at the 42nd annual meeting of Deans and Directors of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations. This year’s event, taking place in Warsaw, Poland promises to be special in many ways.

First, our team has been working relentlessly to prepare a new type of agenda for the IFDT meeting. Apart from the traditional panel discussions, we have focused on providing a number of hands-on workshops on the modern trends and methods of training diplomats. We foresee the meeting as an interactive event where our schools and academies have a genuine forum for the exchange of best practices in diplomacy.

Second, the structure of the organizing committee of the 42th annual meeting reflects the changing nature of international relations and the role of diplomacy. Comprising of two institutions, each different in nature & focus, it echoes the importance of partnership between governmental and non-governmental in the upbringing of the new generations of leaders in diplomacy and beyond.

Third, it is not by chance that the meeting is taking place in Poland, a country which today is at the heart of EU’s diplomacy and engagement with its Eastern neighbourhood. Our three institutions derive their inspiration from Poland’s experience of a successful economic and political transition, its value-oriented foreign policy and active engagement in the support for democracy and prosperity around the world. We hope you will leave Warsaw as inspired by this dynamic and thriving country as we are living Poland’s “golden age”.

We will do our best to make the 42nd IFDT a most memorable academic, social and cultural event for you. We very much look forward to hosting you in Warsaw in September 2015!

Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska
Founder & Director
European Academy of Diplomacy